Eindhoven, November 2011

Glow is a yearly festival in the city centre of Eindhoven, where various light objects are shown. This ranges from small objects up to projections against large buildings like a church or a city hall. Glow 2011 has attracted 360.000 visitors in one week, which made it extremely difficult to make photographs from the most ideal places, or to give the photos a personal touch. Some highlights captured are:

Luminarie De Cagna - In front of the railway station, around a bronze statue of Anton Philips (founder of Philips Electronics), a 25 meters heigh and 20 meters wide dome of 30,000 lights in the style of Italian Renaissance was displayed. What was particularly interesting was the reflection of this dome in the windows of the railway station, cars, and the eyes of people that were looking to the object.

Glow for kids - On the market square, thousands of kids of primary schools in the surroundings were invited to design their own lampshades.

Light Painting - The long facade of the City Hall was used as a projection screen for a light show. It creates the idea of a surrealistic painting. Especially intriguing were the reflections of the light show against the floor, that gave it a spooky character.